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1973 PORSCHE 911E

This 1973 Porsche 911E, is, without question, one of the best E's in the world!  It is 100% original including EVERYTHING - paint, engine, transmission, interior, all of its glass/windshield, EVERYTHING!!!  Yes, even those sports seats are ALL original, and have NOT been restored!


Originally a California car, ordered by the President of a Local PCA region, #0707 was unbelievably speced from the factory to include:  5 speed transmission, Koni struts/shocks, S front brake calipers, S front oil cooler, S front/rear sway bars, factory sport seats, S instruments, lightweight Fuchs rims, radio delete, NO sunroof, chrome fender trim, and tinted glass.


This car has over 147,000 completely documented miles, and literally, I can tell you in all honesty, it IS one of the best I've ever seen or driven.  The original owner kept a log that documented EVERY SINGLE mile he put on the car including when he washed the car, trips to get fuel, fuel mileage, etc.!!  It is amazing.


At 135,000 miles, the engine was completely rebuilt to exact factory standards using ONLY Porsche parts - nothing aftermarket.  The trans was assessed and mostly resealed as it literally needed almost nothing.  The injection pump and related fuel system works absolutely flawlessly and the suspension is perfection.  Those S brakes make all the difference vs. the standard iron calipers!


I've owned the car for over 5 years and have loved every minute of driving it.  #0707 has every single record all the way back to the original window sticker as well as letters to/from Porsche by the original owner.


The E went with me to Amelia Island in 2016 and blew away the field of early 911s.  It was matched against two 73RSs, several Ss, and a large field of 69-73 Cars.  


Every single thing on the car is date-stamped and original including:  steering wheel, front fuel sender, rear oil tank level sender, all 5 rims, both front strut housings, front pneumatic hood lifts, rear pneumatic decklid lits, all seat belts, EVERYTHING!!!


Finding ALL ORIGINAL cars today is becoming nearly impossible, let alone one like this!  Es are far, far rarer than any S of ANY year and, in my humble opinion, THE most incredible cars of that time  

NOT for Sale