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2008 GT3 CUP

Porsche started a single-marque race series in 1986 with the introduction of the 944 Cup races.  Highly successful, things then evolved into the Turbo Cup Series using a race version of the 944 Turbo.  Then, in 1990, Porsche changed its chassis-focus from the 944 to the 911.  It introduced Carrera Cup cars based on the then-new 964 variant.  This evolved into 993-based 3.8 Cups in 1994 and then 996-based GT3 Cups in 1998.  Throughout these years, all of the cars offered by Porsche were certainly factory race machines, but they ALL were extremely street-based in terms of their technology and design.  


Then, in 2005, Porsche introduced the 997-derived GT3 Cup.  For the first time, this was a REAL race machine as opposed to a developed street car.  Where the 996 GT3 Cup was nearly 70% street parts, the 997 Cup was literally 10%-15% street-based, at best.  The bodywork included carbon fiber doors, aluminum hood, carbon fiber engine lid, carbon fiber rear spoiler, carbon fiber rear bumper, and Cup-only front bumper and splitter.  


The interior was stripped and included a welded, integrated roll cage with side impact bars.  A full fire system was standard.  The stock dash frame was still there, but was cut down to only its needed components.  A full Motec dash was installed from the factory with a center panel full of needed switches and knobs.  A single race seat with 6 point harness was standard.  The gearbox was a new fully sequential 6 speed unit which used on-the-floor clutchless up-shifting and driver/manual clutch-synchronized downshifting.  The steering wheel now integrated Motec controls and was completely removable.  


An air-jack system and centerlock rims were standard.  A newly designed fuel cell with integrated reserve system was now also offered for nearly $13,500 more.  The engine remained the normally aspirated water-cooled 3.6L race unit which produced 440hp, but the car only weighed 2,550 pounds!  0-60 times were now only approximately 2 seconds!  


#114 is an incredibly original GT3 Cup with ALL original bodywork!!!  It was only raced approximately 4 times total in 2008/2009 and was the Recaro show car (see pictures) for the IMSA series.  


With known history since new, it has literally ZERO damage ever and has THE nicest chassis I've ever encountered (barring a brand new car).  It's ORIGINAL and stil FACTORY sealed engine only has 35 TOTAL hours on it!!!  This is NOT a PMNA rebuilt engine, but the ORIGINAL and untouched engine from new.  Remember, when Porsche builds the original engine, its top engine builders are assigned to the Cup program.  Original engines are MUCH more durable than rebuilds and have a life easily into the low 100-110 hour range.  


The gearbox is also the original unit, but was just refreshed and has ZERO hours on it!!  Completely serviced with all fluids changed, nearly new brake rotors/pads, brand new front/rear stub axles, new wheel bearings, with a full fuel cell and Moton adjustable suspension, corner balanced, and aligned, this GT3 Cup is lterally ready to go straight to competition.


You might find a cheaper car, but with Cup Cars, you either PAY NOW or PAY LATER!  This one is a NO EXCUSE  and NO STORIES CAR!!!!  (I will provide a single day of coaching at the local track for whomever purchases this car!  That's how much confidence I have in it.)