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1984 944 - BEST IN THE WORLD?

By now, everyone knows I look for absolutely original cars for my collection.  To me, there's nothing like an untouched car that hasn't had someone else making changes to it or "messing" with it in any way... we have one...


This 1984 944 is absolutely, positively 100% original in every single way.  It has 100% original paint, 100% original interior, 100% original engine bay (including the foam padding that is starting to give way), 100% original underside (including ALL of the original factory paint markings!!), and YES, even the ORIGINAL tires!  This car is absolutely unbeleivable.


I'm not a pro photographer, but I must tell you that the car looks twice as good in person as these photos show!  No kidding...


#906 was heavily optioned from the factory to include:  Ruby red metallic paint, full leather front seats, sport seats, factory limited slip, rear wiper, 4 spoke sport steering wheel, cruise control, sport shocks and stabiliizers, and removable sunroof.  Total MSRP in 1984 was $25,515!!


When the 944 debuted in late 1982, it was revolutionary in the automotive world.  Heralded as "one of the best handling cars...ever", it was fast, well balanced, easy to drive, and very stylish.  Even today, its lines are contempory and still extremely attractive.


#906 is a documented 7,853 mile car that is, quite literally, a time capsule.  In addition, it, of course, has a clear CarFAX!


If you are looking for one of the best examples, if not THE best example, of an early've found it!!