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1971 Triumph TR6 PI

The TR6 (built from 1969 to 1976) followed the TR250/TR5 and represented the “modern Triumph” for the 1970s.  Its body was designed in conjunction with Karmann and was “rounded off” in comparison to the TR250/TR5.  


TR6 engines were equipped with two different fuel intake systems - either dual Stromberg carburetors or Lucas mechanical fuel injection (better known as Petrol Injection or PI).  Unfortunately, given new emissions standards in the U.S., Lucas’ injection system was the only fuel injection in the world dirtier than a carburetor and would not pass U.S. standards!  Thus, all U.S. TR6s (left hand drive) were carbureted and limited to only 104hp.  Home market units in England, right hand drive, were petrol injected (PI) and produced 150+ hp.  Optional overdrive was available to provide additional gearing in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  The TR6 also featured independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, bucket seats, 15” wheels, disk front brakes, and a wooden veneer dash.  Overall, 91,850 TR6s were built during its production run.


This 1971 TR6, #CP53666 is extremely rare in that it is LEFT HAND DRIVE, but is an original Petrol Injected (PI) car.  We have the Heritage Certificate to confirm that CP53666 has the original engine, original transmission, is the original exterior color, original interior color, and had both factory overdrive and a factory hardtop as options.  It also confirms that this unit was delivered to El Salvador...the ONLY TR6 ever exported to El Salvador.


Over 99% of the petrol injected TR6s were made for England as right hand drive vehicles.  Left hand drive PI cars were only available in Belgium or Latin America.  Thus, it is believed to be one of only 5 to 10 units ever sent to the Americas as a LEFT HAND DRIVE petrol injected unit.  I comissioned a complete frame-off restoration, every nut/bolt, which took over 5 years to complete.  Its mileage at 53,339km (32,0003 miles) is completely original.  


I purchased the car directly from the El Salvadoran Ambassador's son (the original owner), and have mounds of documentation on the car and the restoration.


Beyond rare, this TR6 would complement any collection in the world.