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1988 Rothmans Turbo Cup Car

Porsche began its single-marque racing series with the 944 Cup Cars in 1985.  These cars were factory race cars with weight-saving deletions, safety additions, and competitive upgrades.  With the success of the normally aspirated 944s, Porsche then introduced the 944 Turbo Cup cars in 1986 and ran the Turbo Cup Series in Germany starting the same year.  The series also ran in France starting in 1987 and then the Rothmans Canadian Turbo Cup Series started in 1988.  Production estimates vary from 192-196 total Turbo Cup production with only 36-38 being made for the Rothmans Canadian Series.  The performance of these machines was absolutely nothing less than extraordinary!!!  With output beginning at 250+ hp and weight down near 2,700 pounds, 0-60 times were clocked at only 4.4 seconds!!!  Stunning for the time, indeed.  These cars were very special from the factory and came with an array of differences from the street 944 Turbo including:  a larger turbine unit, different mapping, stiffer suspension, a full Matter roll cage, Magnesium oil pan, Magnesium intake manifold, Magnesium 16" wheels, upgraded calipers (essentially the 928 S4 units), adjustable rear sway bars, upgraded aerodynamics, sunroof delete, figerglass hood, lightweight carpeting, seam sealer delete, sound deadening delete, rear seat back delete, a/c delete, radio delete, central kill switch system, fire bottle, and Recaro driver race seat with Porsche street passenger seat.  


The #7 Rothmans Turbo Cup was driven by one of Canada's most famous drivers - Ludwig Heimrath.  Heimrath competed in the Rothmans Series from 1988 to 1990.  The car is wonderfully original with NO SIGNIFICANT damage evident anywhere!!!  This is highly unusual if you are familiar with the Rothmans or European Cup Series as many of these cars were crashed, sometimes beyond repair.  Heimrath, however, was a seasoned driver and generally ran up near the front where all the drivers know that finishing is THE ONLY WAY to win a race...  Original paint is found inside both door sills with the original "catalyst" sticker on the driver side and the original "build sticker" on the passenger side.  With only 10,700+ original kms, this is one of the lowest mileage Turbo Cup Cars available anywhere in the world that has actually raced.  In fact, the past 4,000 kms of the car's life has been for Porsche Club Driver's Education applications...a relative vacation for this car!!  The car comes with an extra set of Magnesium rims, is fully serviced, and runs absolutely perfectly.  If you have been searching for a genuine Turbo Cup that was not abused, but has wonderful've found it for sure.  

$65,000 as of 5/22/14