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An absolutely STUNNING example with only 11,850 documented miles, this Turbo S is arguably THE best one in the world.  There is one other I know of with lower miles, but that car has had significant mold issues that are NOT being disclosed by the selling watch out!


A 100% original example, Turbo S #445 was purchased by a collector in Texas and spent the vast majority of its life in his climate-controlled warehouse.  The interior is absolutely extraordinary with zero wear on the special plaid seats along with zero dash cracks or other signs of age.


The silver rose paint (a special paint made ONLY for the 88 Turbo S's) is in excellent condition with little to no "hazing" that was so common with these cars.  The original Club Sport 7" front and 9" rear rims are untouched and retain all of their annodized finish from 1988!!


As some history on these cars, in 1988, Porsche was heavily involved with its Turbo Cup series in both Canada and Europe.  944 Turbo race cars were being supplied by the factory and that technology was beginning to translate to the street.  So, as a way to capitalize on its development costs, for the 1988 model year, Porsche offered an additional option package to the 944 Turbo line called the "Turbo S Limited Edition".  This was essentially a Turbo Cup car for the street!!  The package included a larger turbo charger which boosted power (247 vs. 217hp), larger 928 S4 brake calipers, revised strut/shock dampening through Koni adjustable units, larger front/rear sway bars, a rear limited slip with installed transmission cooler, fabric/plaid interior, 16" Club Sport annodized rims, and initially only ONE color...Silver Rose.  All of this for the bargain price of an additional $5,510 over the stardard Turbo!!!   This limited edition was only supposed to be 700 units (some "experts" quote 1,000 units) and the United States was to receive over 300 of those units.  Combined with the fact that U.S. consumers started to whine about the color/plaid interior, Porsche's having difficulty with the new Silver Rose paint application, and demand exceeding the initial run quantities, Porsche stopped the Silver Rose offering in favor of "normal"/stock 944 colors/interiors ONLY after the first run of Turbo S units.  Thus, the Silver Rose cars are extremely, extremely rare, indeed!


Don't miss what was "the best handling Porsche to date" and a car capable of 0-60 times in the 5 second range and a top speed of 162mph...back in 1988!