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Extending the tradition of manufacturing limited production, more advanced, driver-oriented variants, Porsche introduced the 3.8L, 300hp, 993 3.8 Carrera RS in 1995. The car sported different aerodynamic trim, specially-produced magnesium- center Speedline rims, aluminum bonnet with bonnet carpet delete, lightweight RS door panels, rear seat delete with embroidered "Carrera RS", sunroof delete, revised strut/shock dampening, revised gearing, limited slip, integrated kill switch, and 911 Turbo brakes. A/C was an option and this particular car has A/C. With only 20,000 original miles, completely unmolested and unmodified with all books, records, and keys, this RS is absolutely incredible.  U.S. legal through DOT's Show/Display waiver, the RS comes with all  EPA paperwork  included. The rare color combination of Yellow/black with yellow seat backs and yellow door pulls make it exceedingly desireable. Without question, this is one of the nicest 993 RS's in the world!

$325,000 as of 3/5/14