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For Porsche, the 968 stood as the ultimate front-engineed sport coupe. The car was incredibly balanced, wonderfully nimble, had excellent low-end torque, and an excellent power/weight ratio. Unfortunately, the 968's sales were falling from its introduction in 1992, so Porsche developed the 968 Club Sport in an attempt to boost sales. Lighter, stiffer, better handling, and more of a driver's car, the Club Sport was never imported into the U.S. This particular car is a REAL Club Sport in its wonderfully rare original color of Riviera Blue. The car has been tastefully modified to run in Driver's Ed or Track events. With only 66,000 original miles, a full Safety Devices Riviera Blue painted cage, dual Riviera Blue painted race seats, a fire system, upgraded adjustable suspension, rebuilt engine, and 18" wheels, this car is bullet-proof, fun, fast, and fully developed. Please don't mistake this for a fake Club Sport, as #68 comes with all import and maintenance records, Porsche COA, and all books/records. A wonderfully rare car in the U.S. that is also extraordinary to drive.

$42,990 as of 3/15/14