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1992 PORSCHE 911 US CUP #37

Porsche's attempt to bring its single marque Carrera Cup series to the U.S. in 1992 failed at the very last minute. Unfortunately, 45 cars were produced at the factory and shipped to the U.S. 25 of these cars were shipped to Andial and converted to full race trim with another 4 shipped to Andial and disassembled as parts cars. 16 of the original 45 sat at the port in Charleston, SC awaiting their conversion at a later date. When the series was cancelled, Porsche then decided to disassemble/reassemble the Andial cars back to the specifications in which they were shipped and then sell all the cars through dealers with a"Cup Car" option package. #37 is likely the nicest U.S. Cup Car in the world. With only 5,200 original miles, this car is as delivered and unaltered in any way. Being one of the “Port Cars” makes #37 even more desireable as it was never disassembled/reassembled/disassembled/reassembled by Andial. Thus, the body and interior are as tight as the day it was produced with none of the poor fitment, creaks, and other issues the “tinker toy” Andial cars have. All original including rotors, paint, build stickers, records, etc. Comes complete with all books, stickers, manuals (including the Cup additional manual), Porsche production plaque, tools, keys, and COA from Porsche.