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1964 PORSCHE 356SC Sunroof


Porsche's very first production car was Type 356.  The run of 356's started in 1948 and lasted through the Spring of 1965.  By that time, 76,313 units had been constructed.  There were essentially 4 groupings of 356s:  "Pre A" 356s produced from 1948-1955; 356As from 1955-1959; 356B from 1959-1963; and 356C from 1963-1965/66.


Each grouping had several variants most specifically based upon horsepower.  These included a "Normal" version, a "Super" version, and a "Super 90" version.  There was also a "Carrera" that was offered with the legendary 4 cam engine.  


Over time, the evoloution of the 356 included changes to suspension, the addition of safety features, use of disc brakes with the 356C, as well as general subtle aesthetic changes.  


#129825 is a 1964 Reutter SC Coupe that has been completely restored.  It is fully number's matching as well as one of the 14 original sunroof coupes brought to the U.S. in 1964!  Although completely restored, the seats and door panels are 100% original!  Also, pictured with a wooden steering wheel, the original wheel is included.


Initially owned by a local physician, this 356SC  was sold to the second owners who immediately comissioned a multi-year rotisserie restoration by a famed, Pebble Beach, restorer.  Although he was more reknowned as a hot rod and muscle car restorer at the time, he has since produced over 15 stunning 356s through his restoration shop.  ANY areas of concern were addressed (pictures available) with a total cost over $100,000 for the work performed.  The engine, suspension, body, transmission, brakes, etc. were all restored to as-new condition.  


A true sunroof coupe, #129825 is exceedingly rare, completely restored, and ready for any collection in the world!