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1953 MERCEDES 170Va

Manufactured from 1936 to 1955, the Mercedes W136 chassis was an immense commercial success.  From 1936 to 1942, over 75,000 units were produced of the 4 cylinder 170V series sedans.  Then, damage during WWII stopped production completely and it did not resume until July 1947.  Output was meager at first with only 1,045 sedans made that year.  Mercedes continued to ramp up output and when production finally halted in 1955,  another 83,000 units had been produced!


The W136 chassis came in a number of different varieties including the 170V, 170Va, and 170Vb.  Each was the successor of the previous only due to slight variations in design.  No sweeping changes were really ever made to the W136’s.  There was also the 170D which incorporated a diesel engine.  Engines were initially 1.7L side valve 4 cylinder with an output of 37hp.  This design ran from 1936-1950.  Then, Mercedes enlarged the engine to 1.8L with claimed power of approximately 40hp.


#853 is a strange blend of the 1952 170Va and the 1953 170Vb.  Mercedes finished production of the 170Va in 1952, but this car’s original build plate shows it as a 1953...but also a 170Va!!  We are uncertain if it was a “hold-over” for the final few Va’s being produced or was just in process when 1953 hit.  Either way, the car is a 1953...NOT a 1952.  


A true time capsule, this 170Va has ALL ORGINAL paint, all original interior, original engine, original transmission, etc.  Everything on the car works including its Semaphores, lights, interior lights, gauges, and the wind-up clock with mother of pearl wind key!!  The car was initially owned by a lady in Switzerland, but was shipped to California after 1973 or 1974. Although undocumented at this point, the story is that she drove it a while in California, but then put it in storage for years until her death.  It was then purchased by a broker who sold it to a collector in Ohio in 2016.  With only 53,400 KM (33,180 miles), it is one of only a handful in the United States.