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This Porsche 911S is absolutely extraordinary!!!  Built in March of 1971 as a 1972 model and as confirmed by Porsche, this car is THE VERY FIRST 1972 911S PRODUCED!!!


Its VIN #9112300011 places it as a unit that would generally never be sold to the public!  Usually, the first 10-20 cars were used for crash testing, in-house performance testing, emissions testing, etc.  Then, those cars were usually either destroyed by the factory or used for something else internally.  As confirmed by Porsche, this car was an internal "test vehicle" and is said to be the 1972 U.S. Emissions Testing car for the new 2.4L engine.  It carries matching 2.4L engine #6320021.  


Also, as confirmed by Porsche, it was the VERY FIRST Viper/Emerald Green car ever made.  Porsche was testing a new paint color coming off Conda Green which was offered through 1971 and #0011 was a paint to sample color by THE FACTORY!!


After testing in Germany was complete, #0011 was then given to the Holbert's by Porsche factory for their race team.  As a race team owner, I understand what probably happened next...they were running low on money, so they SOLD THE CAR (something I'm sure was never "supposed" to happen). gets better!  From the 1971 to 1972 model year, Porsche made a number of significant model changes which are reflected in this test car.  These included moving from the 901 gearbox to the much improved 915 unit.  #0011 is confirmed by Porsche as originally having the 915 prototype gearbox #0001!!!  Other amazing prototype features of this S are:  1971-style factory through-the-body front oil cooler lines that were not put into 1972 production due to the costs associated with doing so - instead, in 1972, the factory started running those lines outside the body along the right side of the car; 1971 oil fill tube in the engine compartment with a 1971 sump tank; a single front battery from the factory; paint to sample by the factory making this the very first Viper/Emerald green car in existence (by the way, quite a bit of the paint is ORIGINAL ON THIS CAR!); and NO EXTERNAL OIL FILL FLAP ON THE RIGHT SIDE QUARTER PANEL, from the factory as that body panel did not yet exist in March 1971; and ALL ORIGINAL 1971 interior - not 1972!!  


This is a true piece of Porsche history!  I must publically thank Dr. Konradsheim and Porsche's internal research department for all of their assistance in researching the various details of this 911S   Please call me with any further questions, although at this time, the car is NOT FOR SALE!